Thursday, February 24, 2011

The most heartbreaking scenes of devastation have been seen on Australian TV this week.....  Christchurch, New Zealand has been shaken to pieces by an earthquake.  Buildings have fallen like packs of cards....   Its hard to imagine how it must have been for those trapped, and worse, inside. We have had the worst time lately, this region has had so much. Floods, cylcones, fire, drought and ironically, more floods.....  Now another earthquake..  I think only a plague is left.... and they do happen here! Locusts on the move are almost unstoppable....I found this today......!

Despite the hot weather, or, perhaps because of it,  (Will we ever see rain again!...) there has been plenty of activity in the garden, we have seen some Rainbow Lorikeets this week.

They are gorgeous birds and very noisy - they hate to go unnoticed and make sure they dont!

Also, I have planted tomatoes and sprinkled some tomato seeds in boxes in the house.  I killed the lettuces with kindness... I put them in too much sun and they have not survived. I'll get some more and try again.

I've been getting 'Craft-y" lately with things for the Beach house...  Just for fun, as its meant to be a relaxing place! Ian calls it "The Circus" in reference to the street name, but also to remind us to always have fun when we go there...!

Have a great week!
Be Well.

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