Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Tram Blind

I love the Tram Blinds available as a decorator item but... the price!
So inspired by Sarah at "A Beach Cottage" I had a go at my own version....
I think I may add another page to lengthen......

 A few tools - Stencil... I had only the one font size but you may be able to find more if you shop around.
Steel ruler;
White Paint Marker pen;
White ink pen with finer nib;
A3 card paper;
and the most essential requirement

 The pens are, Signo white (I love these pens I have a variety of colours)
and Uni Paint Marker. I found them both at the local newsagent and the Black A3 paper was there too...
You need a pencil to mark out your spacing.  Measure your letters first, work out how much spacing you prefer and draw horizontal lines lightly with a soft pencil. The lines erased easily when the paint pen was dry and I was sure I had finished . Be cautious of the stencil dragging the paint ink as you lift it.  Keep kitchen paper or soft cloth on hand and wipe the back of the stencil after every use to avoid blobs.... I have used a black whiteboard marker to shade out a couple of errors but I don't think you can tell..... unless you look closely.

Here it is .....! Quite happy with my effort.... 
Do think I will do another page and join them together for a more authentic longer look..... 
Hope Sarah is impressed.....   

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  1. wow looks fantastic...!!

    thanks for the link, appreciate it