Monday, March 28, 2011

55 days without rain and no sign of any on the horizon!
We get the promise in these kind of clouds but nothing comes of it!  Except for the storm over Northam last week which caused damaged to that town again...   we have had dry hot summery weather every day.  Nights  have rarely dropped below 20C in that time too so its beginning to get a little taxing!
Also, as everyone knows, the moon was closer to the earth than its been for a while and appeared large and magnificent in our sky even in the late afternoon it was obviously larger than the norm. ( as you can see from my photos taken on the way home from work)

Clearly the world is in a stage of turmoil as the people of Japan are recovering from the worst earthquake and tsunami I've heard of and the subsequent problems of having a nuclear power station damaged and out of control. (it has been said that the world will suffer dramatic change leading up to the year 2012 which is the end of the Mayan Calendar records)
Is it just me or is it weird for a small island country to build so many Nuclear power stations?  I know it supplies the energy need by a whole nation but surely, if you are an island you have access to other forms of power...  Water, wind, wave.   They could lead the world in safe, accessible, renewable energy sources....  Yet they chose the most dangerous, knowing they have to contend with earthquakes on a regular basis!

On a happier note, I have been back in the workforce!  Four and a half weeks in a demountable office which smells of newly laid carpet, with four other people... interesting...

However, reality is I'm back on the unemployed list for a while...  looking... looking....

Always good to keep my options open so exploring the business world again.. I have a plan ... just need to execute it and hang in there until it comes good. My worst trait I think, is that I give in too easily.  Not when the going is tough, but when the idea begins to look less rosy and it looks like it will take longer to reach the end goal...I lose energy and let myself fall back to 'lazy' mode.  However, I am determined this time not to do that as it's becoming clear the the 'normal' working life is only palatable if ALL conditions are met, not only SOME, and if I want to have more time to pursue my own interests and not work until I'm 75 (!), then I have to make a go of something else.

My list of conditions.
Great office location: (CBD is fine as I love the city and you can get a great location with stunning views there)
Ambiant atmosphere: i.e. as much natural light as possible, nice view (at least of the sky, at most of the river and some parkland), good clean kitchen facilities,  and space to move. ( 5 people in a demountable space of 10metres by 5 is not my idea of space)
Nice people: who appreciate my work
Easy going boss: who knows sometimes you arrive early in order to leave early, but you are still willing to work late as necessary.

"The Universe" knows my list.. I anticipate it all manifesting in good time.

Maggie not so well this week.  Had to have lumps removed. She is not coping in the post op stage... We are worried.. She may have had just about enough of the surgeries...

Be well.

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